The Self-Care Circle

You'll get access to:

  • 25 CMTE credits upon completion
  • 6 live virtual meetings
  • Community online portal
  • 3 months of consistent self-care support
  • A comprehensive and personalized self-care toolbox

$475.00 USD


Purchase includes access for one (1) person to The Self-Care Circle. Upon enrollment, you will create a unique password and user profile for your use only. 

This program is protected by copyright and other intellectual property laws. No part of this program may be reproduced, uploaded, copied, distributed, or shared. 


A full refund may be requested any participant who completed the course and all assignments and was not satisfied with the experience. Refunds may be requested by emailing your purchase receipt, reason for refund, and completed course materials to [email protected].

Cancellations may be requested only under extreme circumstances or emergency, and a cancellation may be granted a partial refund based on the date of the request.

Requests and cancellations are subject to approval. Partial CMTE credit cannot be granted.


Respect other participants' privacy and do not disclose information shared by other participants in the program.

Any disrespectful, discriminatory, aggressive, or inappropriate behavior in the program will result in immediate removal from the program without a refund. 


Ami Kunimura is not responsible for the outcomes resulting from the implementation of these materials. Information in this program is not meant to replace medical advice or treatment. By enrolling in The Self-Care Circle you are responsible for your own progress, attendance, results, and success from your participation.